The closing has been scheduled and now you can sit back and wait for closing day, right? Not quite. If you’re selling your home, there is one important step to complete before you close – the final walkthrough. Here is a helpful checklist to ensure that you do not miss anything during this important final step.

1. Personal property

Review the purchase agreement to see what attached fixtures and personal property are included and need to be left behind.

2. Are the inspection repairs complete?

Confirm that all repairs agreed upon in the attorney review are completed. Provide copies of repair documents and receipts.

3. Are the utilities still on?

Utilities need to be on during the final walkthrough. When scheduling a turn-off with the gas and electric companies, choose a date that is 1-2 days after the closing day.

4. Check electric. 

Go through the light switches, ceiling fans, and garage door to make sure they work.

5. Check gas.

Ensure the furnace is working properly. Check the thermostat. Check the oven and pilot lights on the stove. Check the fireplace and remote controls for the fireplace. Turn on the dryer and remove any lint.

6. Check appliances.

Let the dishwasher, washing machine and the dryer complete a cycle. Run the garbage disposal.

7. Check the plumbing.

Make sure the faucets are working properly and do not drip. Check the water pressure. Make sure there is hot water. Ensure all toilets are flushing.

8. Windows and doors.

Check all windows and doors to make sure they open and close. Make sure all locks work.

9. Alarm system. 

If your home is equipped with a security or smart home system, make sure that all components are working properly. If you have a smart thermostat and wifi is disconnected, you should be able to set the functions manually. Refer to the thermostat’s manual or website. Leave reset instructions and contact information for the security system company for the new owners.

10. Remove personal belongings.

Is the property clear of your personal belongings, construction debris or miscellaneous items? Check the garage, storage, closets, cabinets, balcony and deck.

11. Leave copies of keys and garage openers.

Check all copies of house keys, mailbox keys and garage openers to make sure they work. Label any miscellaneous keys. We will need to bring keys and garage openers to the closing.

12. Ongoing mail and shipments. 

Are you expecting to receive any upcoming mail or automatic orders? Do you like to shop online? Check with the senders to make sure they have your new address.