Ivona Kutermankiewicz_Emblem-RE2016-01Ivona Kutermankiewicz receives 2016 Five Star Real Estate Agent Program, Top 3% in Chicagoland.

The Five Star Real Estate Agent Program is designed to identify real estate agents in a given market who satisfy objective criteria that are associated with providing quality services to clients.

Award candidates are identified through nominations received by consumers. To receive the Five Star Real Estate Agent award, a real estate agent must satisfy five objective eligibility and evaluation criteria that are associated with real estate agents who provide quality services to their clients. The award process is conducted annually in each market.

Recent homebuyers (all area residents who purchased a home over a pre‐defined minimum ($100,000‐$200,000) within an eight to 36-month period, depending on the market size) are asked to evaluate real estate agents with whom they have worked and evaluate them based upon ten criteria. Recent homebuyers may evaluate up to two real estate agents in order to measure the experience associated with the purchase and sale side of a move. Self-nominations are not accepted.

In order to be named a Five Star Real Estate Agent, an individual must hold a current real estate license and be in good standing. Click here for detailed information on the 2014 Five Star Real Estate Agent research methodology.