chicago real estate agentsReal estate agents dart from here to there, neighborhood to neighborhood all throughout the day. When visiting various homes, parking is a constant issue in a city like Chicago with all of its residential parking zones and required permits.

City Clerk Susan Mendoza would like to change the situation, while simultaneously adding to the city’s coffers. According to the Chicago Tribune, Mendoza has proposed the city offer special universal parking permits to real estate agents that would grant them access to park throughout the city from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. The annual cost of such a permit would be $500 for agents registered in Chicago, while those registered outside of the city limits would pay $800.

Currently, daily permits in Chicago cost $8 for a book of 15 and $16 for a book of 30. Residents living in Chicago parking zones currently pay $25 a year for the right to park.

It is hoped the plan would make parking in Chicago more convenient for agents that need to visit multiple parking zones in a day. Mendoza’s office estimated the program would raise around $900,000 for the city. If successful, Mendoza said the program could be expanded to include contractors, delivery companies, cable TV companies, etc.

Parking can certainly be a hassle in Chicago real estate agents. Will this help? Is it cost effective for the individual agent? It probably depends on each individuals work flow, but for those out in the field, constantly scouting homes and surveying neighborhoods, it could be the right way to go. It will be up to the City Council to approve or deny Mendoza’s plan.